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3 pros:
1 cons:

beef=from 1-10, chance of having beef with, 10=100 percent, 1=absolutely impossible
+- = +5 equals plus five on my positive side...-3 equals minus three on my negative side ...0 equals neutral. at most plus minuses 5 both sides

i go by class periods and seniors only.

SP 6.4/ +2.1
likes nba, funny, not serious
thinks im annoying sometimes

AK 4.2/ +1.1
likes sports,can talk to, likes rap
short temper

CD 6.1/ +2.1
doesnt try in school, very nice, honest
used to annoy me sometimes

PR 4.0/ +0.1
nice, tolerable, not mean
dont like to donate homework

MR 2.5/ +3.1
good to play ball with, funny, minority
smarter than me in business
ML 7.7/ -2.5
sometimes tells me info, sometimes nice, in more than 1 class with me
mad annoying

KD: 7.1/ -2.5
lost to me in bball, sometimes funny, interesting comments
sore loser that hates me now because of the incident

RS: 6.7/ -1.1
lost to me in bball, used to be tolerable of my behavior, good driver
cant get over a loss and detests me

DT: 7.0/ 0.1
strikes out but is good sport at it, funny comments, asian
fluctuating behavior

KF: 4.0/ 0.5
candid, tolerable, sometimes nice
tries too hard in gym

DP: 2.9/ 2.5
thinks im good rapper, thinks im good at ball, raps mike jones to me
doesnt play ball in class due to unspecified reasons and instead yells and stuff on sidelines

EY: 9.7/ -1.1
sometimes tolerates my annoyance, acts childish, actually responds to my fruitless questions
can be annoying himself like a loose cannoon unexpectedly

WS: 6.1/ -3.9
threatens to punch me but never does, soemtimes answer my questions,gets lower grades than me
only talks to me when its something bad and its probably out of his ass

JY: 4.5/ -4.2
used to talk to me, used to actually respond to my qustions, used to actually look at me
hates me and wants me to get messed up and is obsessed with calc and always talks about this girl in his calc class way too much

BC: 2.1/ +2.7
outgoing, funny, cool dude
made me draw batman logo on english project
MC: 7.5/ +.5
funny with his language, smart genius, will do most things if you ask him too
thinks im an idiot and im annoying and part of the "video"

CM: 1.9/ +2.9
nice to me, in many classes, cool with me
don't know why but sometimes i forget she exists

KF: 6.1/ +1.1
nice to me, sometimes tolerates my behavior, approachable
thinks i pissoff sometimes

AB: 9.3/ -4.5
shook my hand, didnt hate me before, was in physics class i just remembered that randomly and this is a pro which means how i struggle to you know what
hates my guts mean to me hates me like i hate er

JA: 6.0/ +1.2
nice to me, can actually talk to, can tolerate my behavior
not sure but thinks this person is behind many of my predicaments

KT: 8.2/ -.1
knows someone that i know out of the blue, is a veteran of the school, not too mean to me
thinks im annoying and gets me in trouble and thinks i lie even though i dont lie to her

TP: 5.5/ +1.9
cool when talks to me, can be nice to me but probably because i am super nice to this person, on good days is extremely cool to me
sometimes mean when im nice, nice when im mean

MS: 8.5/ -3.9
can be nice, thinks im strangely ok, seemingly is caucazn
part of the video and physically embarassed me in the video

LY: 4.4/ -.5
nice, quiet, innocent
part of video

JH: 4.8/ -.5
going to my college, smart but doesnt act like gu, friendly
part of video

CY: 6.2/ -3.1
sometimes answers questions, serious, doesnt mess around
part of video and mean to me

SB: 8.5/ -4.0
sometimes answers questions, let me use pc once, worked with me once
mean to me curses and is mad annoying
DT: 2.1/ +3.1
nice, funny, lazier than me
lazier than me and gets better grades than me

AS: 6.5/ +3.1
nice, tolerates my behavior, knows a lot about rap
sometimes says im annoying according to someones

AS: 8.0/ -3.8
um used to be ok with me, used to give me a chip, used to talk to me
hates me and wants me to be messed up

RM: 5.1/ +2.1
cool with last year, good in bball, smart
doesnt wanna work with me and thinks im random

SR: 4.6/ +3.5
funny, lazy, knows shit to talk about
broke my first ever mixtape minorly

MM: 2.8/ +3.5
got me hooked to freestyling, unleashed the ghetto beast, he has all the makings of being a legend
has not spitfire with me

CV: 7.4/ +2.9
not a sore loser in gym class, suffers from same laziness disease as me, tells you what he thinks straight up
sometimes makes decisions against my favor claiming it is nothing personal even though i think it is against me

RG: 8.9/ -.5
sometimes funny unintetionally or not, acts strange, never kicked me out of key club as he claimed he would
thinks im annoying and calls me random racist terms

MK: 5.0/ +2.8
nice to me, super tolerating of my behavior, talks to me
a little bit too nice, which wouldnt be survive in this game

KC: 7.5/ +1.5
worked with me, let me with this person ine nglish even though not same class, fake nice to me
thinks im a bad partner and i dont blame but she doesnt be mean about it

KH: 9.1/ -.7
had beef with before and accepted punishment, is open to jokes, potential customer but i dont wanna ruin this person's life
doesn't wanna work with me and lies a lot for a girl
MA: 9.0/ -.4
quiet in class only, doesnt bother me in class only, knows sports
lies and acts a fool on bus

AG: 5.1/ +1.1
nice to me, talks a lot and i sometimes enjoy that, says weird stuff
talks way too much but doesn't offend me

EG: 7.5/ +.6
sometimes tolerating, sometimes talks to me, in gym class i think
thinks im annoying

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