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2006 Mock Draft
Wednesday. 6.28.06 2:36 pm
1)Tor-Andrea Bargnani
2)Chi-LaMarcus Aldridge
3)Cha-Rudy Gay
4)Por-Adam Morrison
5)Atl-Brandon Roy
6)Min-Randy Foye
7)Bos-Tyrus Thomas
8)Hou-Shelden Williams
9)Gs-Ronnie Brewer
10)Sea-Cedric Simmons
11)Orl-Rodney Carney
12)NO-Hilton Armstrong
13)Phi-Marcus Williams
14)Uta-JJ Redick
15)NO-Patrick O' Bryant
16)Chi-Thabo Seblosha
17)Ind-Jordan Farmar
18)Was-Saer Sene
19)Sac-Shannon Brown
20)NY-Alexander Johnson
21)Pho-Rajon Rondo
22)NJ-Josh Boone
23)NJ-Oleksiy Pecherov
24)Mem-Maurice Ager
25)Cle-Kyle Lowry
26)Lal-Shawne Williams
27)Pho-PJ Tucker
28)Dal-Joel Freeland
29)Ny-Paul Davis
30)Por-Sergio Rodriguez

31)Por-Hassan Adams
32)Hou-Daniel Gibson
33)Atl-Guillermo Diaz
34)Lac-Craig Smith
35)Tor-Dee Brown
36)Min-Eric Williams
37)Min-Ryan Hollins
38)GS-Steve Novak
39)Mil-Allan Ray
40)Sea-Marcus Vinicius
41)Orl-Leon Powe
42)Cle-James White
43)NO-Bobby Jones
44)Orl-Dwayne Mitchell
45)Ind-Kevin Pittsnogle
46)Uta-Justin Williams
47)Uta-Lior Eliahu
48)Was-Will Blalock
49)Den-Denham Brown
50)Orl-Marco Killingsworth
51)Lal-Taj Gray
52)Lac-Yotam Halperin
53)Sea-Damir Markota
54)Nj-Louis Amundson
55)Cle-Darius Washington
56)Tor-Pops Mensau-Bonsu
57)Min-Vladmir Veremeenko
58)Dal-Gerry McNamara
59)Sa-James Augustine
60)Det-Mike Gansey

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Thursday. 7.21.05 7:58 pm

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Mock Draft
Saturday. 6.25.05 11:30 am

1.Bucks-Andrew Bogut
2.Hawks-Marvin Williams
3.Blazers-Chris Paul
4.Hornets-Deron Williams
5.Bobcats-Martell Webster
6.Jazz-Danny Granger
7.Raptors-Gerald Green
8.Knicks-Antoine Wright
9.Warriors-Channing Frye
10.Lakers-Raymond Felton
11.Magic-Joey Graham
12.Clippers-Charlie Villanueva
13.Bobcats-Fran Vazquez
14.Wolves-Andrew Bynum
15.Nets-Johan Petro
16.Raptors-Roko-Leni Ukic
17.Pacers-Sean May
18.Celtics-Hakim Warrick
19.Grizzlies-Jarrett Jack
20.Nuggets-Ike Diogu
21.Suns-Andray Blatche
22.Nuggets-Rashad McCants
23.Kings-Ersan Ilyasova
24.Rockets-Wayne Simien
25.Sonics-Francisco Garcia
26.Pistons-Monta Ellis
27.Jazz-CJ Miles
28.Spurs-Ryan Gomes
29.Heat-Julius Hodge
30.Knicks-Martynas Andriuskevicius

31.Hawks-Louis Williams
32.Clippers-Nate Robinson
33.Hornets-Mickaƫl Gelabale
34.Jazz-Matt Walsh
35.Blazers-Angelo Gigli
36.Bucks-Chris Taft
37.Lakers-John Gilchrist
38.Raptors-Randolph Morris
39.Lakers-Ronny Turiaf
40.Warriors-Brandon Bass
41.Magic-Jawad Williams
42.Warriors-Sean Banks
43.Nets-Dijon Thompson
44.Magic-Linus Kleiza
45.Sixers-Luther Head
46.Pacers-Mile Ilic
47.Wolves-Eddie Basden
48.Sonics-Uros Slokar
49.Wizards-Salim Stoudamire
50.Celtics-Kennedy WInston
51.Jazz-Marcin Gortat
52.Nuggets-Stefano Mancinelli
53.Celtics-Luke Schenscher
54.Knicks-Donell Taylor
55.Sonics-Travis Diener
56.Pistons-Jason Maxiell
57.Suns-Will Bynum
58.Raptors-Bojan Popovic
59.Hawks-Josh Pace
60.Jazz-Chris Thomas

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Proj Grad
Friday. 6.24.05 11:11 am
I came back this morning at 5 53 home from school. i went to proj grad last night. i shoudlve done more instead of playing bball for 5 hours straight the whole morning. now i hate bball n dont wanna play it again, right now i am rocking a soreass finger, cracked n bloodied fingernail, and both twisted ankles. I wanted to throw up because I dint gett n e sleep, didnt eat, barely drank, and i was running out of breath playing. oh well, i am sad school ended, i hope i can do well at tc n then do whats best, whether transfer to better school or keep on working at tc.

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Friday. 6.17.05 11:24 am
i cant beleieve this school year is over, here is my day

yeterday i took business final it was hard butt so is life, i just speleld the word of "but" as butt which is weird but i am too lazy to go back to change it.

then i went home,

then i took computer graphics class final and it was weird and easy

then i took english class final and it was short as u no what. then i went home then i am doing what i am doing now.

tommorow i ahve phyiscs i willnot study because i am a rebel who doesnt study yet i still get 100s because i am baby einstein.

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Whatsup People!
Monday. 6.13.05 4:10 pm
The Rundown, and I aint talking about the Rock movie...

Business-took a easy test that i failed because I did not study, then I went to my english class during homeroom for a writing conference, but there was no time left.

Gym-i guess gym is canceled or something, like they dont lett us change and tell us to wait in gym , but we went outside under shade and did nothing. i wanted to do something, its not that hott. lets play hockey or something.

CG- i did nothing, i hate that class.

English- there was final oral speeches. i didnt wanna go, but i was called on, and i bombed it. i freestyled the whole thing, no script, and i failed so im going tommorow for real n im gonna do good on it.

Physics- watched Bourne Identity clips and this group did a presentation, too hot to pay attention though in class.

Govt-listened to these debates. mad boring.

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